WhatsFapp APK DownloadLatest VERSION 2022

WhatsFapp apk is one of the most popular options that WhatsApp can use.WhatsApp Plus that is basically its own version. Like others mods WhatsApp Plus also has the mod that’s based upon It’s named WhatsFapp apk. This page will show you the functions of WhatsFapp and also show you the steps to download it onto your smartphone. Before this, we’d like to recommend that you go to gbkwhats for more information about different mods.

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What is WhatsFapp apk?

According to the mod’s developers, WhatsFapp download is no longer at risk of being banned from being blocked by WhatsApp Inc. The mod is equipped with the ability to install it with less hassle and the incredible capabilities of the predecessor and much more.

Similar to WhatsApp Plus Like WhatsApp Plus, you can alter WhatsFapp and make it possible to manage multiple accounts. Additionally, it comes with brand new features that help you improve the privacy of your personal information. We can conclude that WhatsFapp is comparable or superior to WhatsApp Plus.

As was mentioned previously WhatsFapp download apk is superior to WhatsApp Plus. If you’d like to use the app yourself we’ve provided the download link to The APK file. However, before you begin downloading, ensure that your device is in compliance with the minimum requirements, and that you have enough memory to prevent the application from being unable to run.

whatsFapp apk

WhatsFapp APK Information:

App NameWhatsFapp
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and up
Last Updated1Day ago
App Versionv2.12.73
App Size23 MB

Highlights Of WhatsFapp APK

  • WhatsApp use three lines of code in one application.
  • Make sure you have your contacts saved in your unexcused, blue visual observation cover.
  • Cover up your online activity and other acts of sacrifice are seen as a way to stay alive.
  • A variety of choices for customizing.

How to Install WhatsFapp?

WhatsFapp download is a simple installation procedure. If you are using other mods, it is necessary to download the primary WhatsApp prior to installing the mod. Once you’ve installed the mod, you’ll need to install the original application so you can use your account.

With WhatsFapp it is possible to reinstall the original application no longer required because it can be installed and set up quickly. Additionally, it isn’t a matter of whether you have an original version of WhatsApp running or not. After downloading your APK file, find it on your device and then tap for it to start installing. Once you have completed the installation you must follow the instructions for registration and verification. The application will request certain personal details.

Features of apk WhatsFapp

People who use this mode are able to cover their past history, their status online and will be sent an email when a specific user is online. This mod was also upgraded with different design customization options. These are just a few of the features you can test in WhatsApp Plus’s successor

Options between the old interface and the new one

Theme Selector

Many choices for customizing.

There is no need to uninstall and install WhatsApp. It is the same WhatsApp

Installation and configuration simplified

Statistics for Groups

Preview function for images and videos.

3 WhatsApp accounts on one device.

You can turn off your blue ticks, and keep seeing them on your contacts.

You can hide the “last live” status without removing information from chat partners.



WhatsFapp is the latest and improved version of WhatsApp Plus. The mod’s developers have made sure that there’s no risk that your account will be blocked or blocked from WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Inc.

Always keep an eye on this page for any changes on WhatsFapp. To upgrade your mod, simply hit the download button and then install your APK file. The update will be immediately applied to the version installed on your mobile device.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the APK for WhatsFapp within WhatsMod Look for the file on your device and tap on it. Follow the steps carefully.


WhatsFapp is extremely beneficial for users who manage multiple accounts, and keeping their private accounts separate from commercial ones. Like WhatsApp Plus, the mod has great design features and features as well as functions. However, the possibility of being banned remains contingent on users. It’s your decision if you’re willing to accept the word of developers.

What is your opinion about WhatsFapp? Download the mod right now and let us know your thoughts to us via leaving us a message in the comments section below.

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