WhatsApp Prime APK Download Latest Version 2022

WhatsApp Prime app is the most used instant messaging application. Because the application is so well-known, many new versions of this app are available. One of them is WhatsApp Prime Apk.

The Prime version has extra features not found in the original app. This is the reason why everybody loves this app for endless entertainment. You can make video and audio calls, record videos and much more using Whatsapp Prime Apk.

WhatsApp is Transparent Prime APK

WhatsApp Transparent Prime is similar to one of the top mods such as GB Whatsapp APK, even there are so many users currently. The app is very beneficial to those who have had enough of the original version and its modified versions. It provides the best experience when talking and using the app.

WhatsApp Transparent Prime is one of the most intriguing modifications of WhatsApp that are available. It is able to alter the user interface to make transparent, which can make WhatsApp very unique and original when compared with other. Prime offers the finest features that are accessible with the GBWhatsApp mod. One thing that will make WhatsApp Transparent Prime in the recommended list is a clear modification.

This is information about WhatsApp Prime’s WhatsApp Prime APK version, size, developer, needed Android version and the last update date. Don’t download the APK file as it won’t run on your device when you do not possess the minimum version Android. You must read the information in the APK regarding WhatsApp Prime.

whatsapp prime
App NameWhatsApp prime apk
Last UpdatedToday
App VersionLatest
App Size14 MB

Features of whatsapp prime apk

The explanation of the features for WhatsApp Transparent is explained here. Do not read this section if you are aware of these features. You can, however, take a look to get a better understanding of each feature.

Performance and user interface improvements

The overall performance of the app can be seen in WhatsApp Prime is improved like never before. Uploading and sharing images and videos and chatting with friends in ease is now possible. The user interface is the most important thing, but it is enhanced with an updated design and performance.

New Privacy features for upgraded privacy

The secrecy functions are enhanced. You can feel more private and secure within WhatsApp Prime version. “Call me and block the last one to be seen one’ is an illustration of the functions WhatsApp Prime has. There are features available in the official version of WhatsApp such as reading receipts disabled and hiding the profile image as well as regarding information including contacts that are not sharing status. These are also available through WhatsApp Transparent APK.

More customized on a larger scale

You can modify themes, notifications icons and stickers sets WhatsApp Status, groups members and even on a bigger dimension. Prime includes a range of themes and sticker packs that are available in the WhatsApp Prime APK. Custom designed themes can be utilized without glitches and bugs, like the majority of these old versions of WhatsApp. Utilize WhatsApp Transparent Prime to take advantage of all the features.

Improved Hidden features

Hidden features are an essential element of an WhatsApp mod, and they all violate the privacy rules of WhatsApp Officials. Thus, using these features in certain situations can cause your account be banned.

  • You can hide your status view from the status of anyone else’s.
  • You can guard against the tick with a blue one.
  • Block the second tick of the message delivered by using WhatsApp Prime Mod APK.
  • The option to conceal your internet profile Active availability, similar to WhatsApp.
  • Time and date can be hidden when copying messages.
  • You can block the forward tag when you forward any message that comes from another message in the WhatsApp Transparent.
The DND Mode and the Anti-ban System

DND is a fantastic feature in WhatsApp models. It is available in WhatsApp Prime, this feature is changed to avoid issues or mistakes. The anti-ban system is given an update regarding advancement with WhatsApp Prime mod APK. The latest version can help you lessen the chances of being banned, which is not the case with many WhatsApp models.

The sharing of files from media on an enormous scale

With the aid by WhatsApp Prime, you can transfer files in a massive amount. A maximum of 1GB files can be shared in the present. You can send high-quality photos and videos. You can share more photos at the same time. It makes it easier to share pictures from parties and wedding events effortlessly with family and friends.

Installation guide

We suggest that you carefully follow the steps correctly so it is possible to install an APK file without difficulty. WhatsApp Transparent Prime installation guide is available here:

  1. Turn off Unknown Sources first allow the installation to unknown sources to ensure that you are able to download and install third-party applications to your mobile device. WhatsApp Mods aren’t officially available in apps stores. Enable the unknown sources by navigating to the mobile device settings>additional settings>privacy>unknown source then, enable unknown source. This particular step may be different for other devices like setting>security>permission>enable unknown sources.
  2. Navigate to your downloads. After you have enabled the installation of unknown sources Find the location folder for WhatsApp Transparent Prime. Go to device storage>downloads>WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK
  3. Install the GBPlus Transparent Prime APK.Once you’ve activated the installation from unknown sources and found the APK. Install your GBPlus WhatsApp Prime and tap the Install button. Give it a few minutes before allowing the application to complete its job. Once the installation process has been successful, you are able to now use WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK on your device. Create an account, erase the old data, then take advantage of the latest version.

What is Anti-revoke?

WhatsApp mods come with an effective feature known as anti-delete. Through this function, users can can permanently view deleted messages of another user in the chat, like conversations or chats. In the official version of WhatsApp feature, you can delete all messages permanently, including chats, and set a duration. The message isn’t visible even if it’s sent to the recipient. By using the anti-revoke feature status, the message can be. The anti-revoke status is in the same way. You can see the status of deleted contacts.

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WhatsApp Transparent Prime is one of the most intriguing modifications of WhatsApp that are available. you can alter the interface so that it is transparent, which makes WhatsApp very unique and unique application compared to other. Prime offers the most advanced features that are accessible within an official version of GBWhatsApp.

It is possible to download WhatsApp Prime by simply clicking the download link. Be sure to understand the details of features, in case you aren’t sure about the features. This will allow you to customize WhatsApp Prime APK in a more effective way.

It is possible to change the app to suit your needs using the image of your choice for the screen that is the main screen on your device. Therefore, you should not overlook all those amazing functions that aid in regulating your privacy as well as other options to help make WhatsApp the best chat application on mobile devices.


WhatsApp Prime is loaded with features, with steady performance and is more reliable in its performance than other WhatsApp accessible on the internet currently. Uploading and sharing images and videos and chatting with friends in ease is now possible. User interfaces are the primary feature improved by a new design and speed. Try this new feature to reap the maximum benefits WhatsApp can provide.

What do you think of getting to know WhatsApp Transparent Prime? Share your thoughts with us via a message in the comments section.

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