Gb whatsapp pro apk download latest version 2022

GB Whatsapp Pro apk latest version for android and iphone is working nicely and following the update and the new features introduced in 2022. The Pro version (9.00) is not dependent on the use of a specific device or 4G connection to download to your phone. This is the app with the name of WhatsApp Plus that is also an alternative to Gb Whatsapp.
On the other hand you are able to move or switch over to GB Whatsapp Pro apk dpwnload from official whatsapp without losing your personal information. We have compiled a list of features in GB Whatsapp Pro apk that might be a bit new to users, yet they’re useful and fascinating ones too.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

The GB whatsapp pro apk is an enhanced version of GB WhatsApp. It is thought to be among the top versions of whatsapp as well as due to its wonderful features, like the capability to alter the look of Whatsapp Pro and to save statuses of your contacts to the gallery.
This mod offers the best chat experience, by providing numerous amazing and exciting features for its users. It allows you to use options like hiding or block last seen, customize to enhance your screen and additional privacy options that are not included in the app itself.

whatsapp pro
App NameGB WhatsApp pro
Last Updated1 Day ago
App VersionLatest
App Size45 MB

How do I Install GBWhatsapp Pro Apk?

  • The first step is to go to the Android device’s settings. There, search for the security option, and choose it.
  • When you are able to select security options There should be the option of choosing from sources unknown to you. In default, it is disabled. Make sure to enable it by pressing or tapping to ensure that no applications from untrusted sources can be installed. Make sure you confirm your selection in the pop-up and move on with the following step. Some phones may offer this option under the Privacy or Additional settings.
  • After you have activated your GBWhatsApp apk Pro installation in your settings, you are now able to begin the download.
  • When the download is completed then you can open the file. After pressing “Next” until the “Install” button is displayed There may be warnings. You can ignore them.
  • Simply click “Install” and you’re done. The GB WhatsApp Pro is installed on your Android device.
  • The final thing to do is create a second account, if you wish to use it with an alternative phone number. The process of registering for a second number using GB WhatsApp Pro follows the identical registration procedure like WhatsApp. Once you’ve submitted your details you will be sent an email with a verification code.
  • You must enter your verification codes and your phone number, then add your name and profile picture And you’re done! After everything is verified, you will have access to all of the features you can personalize with WhatsApp pro apk 2022.
whatsapp pro apk

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Feature

Backup and Restore: With this mode, you can save your chats to a backup and restore them to any other device with an account with the same username. This is extremely useful in cases where someone has taken your phone, or your phone needs to be fixed.
DND: If you’re using a different application and do not wish to interrupt the flow of your work by receiving irritating messages from contacts you must enable this feature. If you enable this feature you won’t be receiving any notifications.
Dark Mode: You are able to use the dark mode in GB Whatsapp Pro. This allows you use this feature in the dark without compromising your eyesight.
Automated Reply: In case you’re engaged in a pressing task and are unable to respond on a text message you can utilize this feature to send a message directly to your contacts. This feature will send an email to the contact.
Save Last Seen Freeze: You are able to keep your last sighting using this method to ensure that nobody will determine the exact date of your last appearance.
Theme Store Theme Store: This mod comes through a theme shop which offers a wide range of stunning and unique themes. You can pick any theme from the store and then use them in your application.
Share Media: With this version, you can share videos, images as well as documents larger than traditional WhatsApp. This means that you can share more than 15 MB of video and up to 100 MP of audio to your contacts.
Anti delete: If someone sends you a message that you have to go through before you actually had the chance to read it, that message cannot be deleted by you. It is possible to read the message even after it is deleted by the person who sent it. It’s the same with Statuses too. You will be able to see your contacts’ statuses , even if they were deleted prior to 24 hours, but these statuses won’t be removed for you. After 24 hours, these statuses will be deleted automatically.
Multiple Languages: With this mode, users are able to switch your default language from one of available languages. This feature is helpful for those who cannot comprehend or speak the English language.
The GB WhatsApp Pro Web: This mod is also available on computers. All you need to do is scan your account’s barcode using the camera of the smartphone that you are using in this mode.
A Pop Notification: In case worry that you might be unable to catch an important message then use this feature. Once you enable this feature you’ll be notified via pop-ups to your display. So, you will be able to view every message that is sent to you with the aid from this option.
Sharing Locations: In case you’re in danger and wish to seek assistance from your friend but don’t know where you are at the moment then send your location live, which will aid your friends in reaching you.
Privacy: This update has provided us with many different privacy choices. You can choose any of these options to protect your privacy.
  • You Can Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide Second Tick
  • You Can Hide Blue Microphone
  • You Can Hide Typing

Change the font style You can change the style of the fonts you use to provide your screen with a fresh style. This mod offers different options for customization including:

  • You can also alter your font’s style.
  • This mod comes with a great range of fonts.
  • You can alter the fonts used in English and Arabic too.
FeatureWhatsapp GBGB Whatsapp pro
Status lenght255255
Document sharing at one time100100
Media sharing YES YES
Auto reply YES YES
Hide blue tick YES YES
whatsapp pro
whatsapp pro

Is GB WhatsApp Pro Apk safe to use?

The changes to WA can affect your protection since messages can’t be sent via trusted servers in accordance with the guidelines of WhatsApp LLC. From Facebook. But, they are generally protected since the majority of WA forks that are designed in the shape of a fork add extra highlights to the advantage of the user and the messages are sent via WhatsApp. WhatsApp database.




Keep Checking GB WhatsApp Pro in When you find an update Click the download button. when it’s downloaded, the APK is downloaded, install it onto your Android device. It will update your version automatically to the most recent version.

Absolutely, GBWhatsapp Pro can be used safely. It is a safe application. Application is simply an altered Version of Whatsapp.

Yes, You can use Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp Pro at the same time. You can also utilize other mods for Whatsapp like Whatsapp Plus at the same time.


WhatsApp has been among the most well-known messaging apps that are available. GB whatsapp pro apk update is only designed to boost its competitiveness with a variety of options. I would suggest that if you’re interested in trying something different and exciting, give WhatsApp a try! It’s easy to master and you’ll be having fun with its features in no time. If you’d like to see the old appearance,

I suggest you get your copy of the Old Version of WhatsApp from our website. There are many other awesome applications for your Android smartphone. Download the latest Version of WhatsApp Pro Apk on your Android device.

Are you willing to risk mods to enjoy your messaging experience? Now download the APKs. Let me know what you think about your new app in the box below.

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