OG Whatsapp Mod Apk Download Latest version 2022

OG whatsapp apk is one of the most popular and successful applications of the current century. It doesn’t require introduction because it is home to over 500 million users who are active every month. It was the first application that we downloaded on our phone when receiving the phone. Ogwhatsapp Mod apk is the modified Version of Whatsapp og apk with the addition of the latest features, which provide users an easy and secure user.The ogwhatsapp apk mod is safe and completely free for users.


WhatsApp offers a lot of features, but it isn’t able to provide certain options offered by OGWhatsApp mod. OGWhatsApp apk is also known as OGWA. It allows us to be flexible by allowing us to hide online status, it does not disrupt Mode, and deletes messages after it has been sent to friends, modifying icons, a variety of themes that change as well as editing privacy settings, and properties to prevent bans. It is the latest release of WhatsApp that is free of viruses and bugs that were previously found within the application. This article has attempted to give you all the features of og whatsApp mod apk. The download link is available on our website. You can click this button to install and download the application on your phone. After you have experienced the capabilities of og whatsApp it is required to remove WhatsApp’s initial WhatsApp app from all your phone.

og whatsapp

OGWhatsapp APK File Information:

App NameOGWhatsApp
Total Downloads4,000,000+
Android Version Required5.0+
Last UpdatedToday
App VersionLatest
App Size48 MB

OGWhatsApp APK Developers

In 2013, the team from XDA released the original OGWhatsApp version. It’s an updated version of WhatsApp with almost identical features as WhatsApp. It is a version of WhatsApp. With new features and features, the APK version is available for download with the latest version. Download the most recent ogwhatsapp Apk version below by clicking on Download.

Another developer Team AlexMods has released their own version of og whatsApp following Team XDA. The version of OGWhatsApp comes as the form of a zip file. Users must extract the apk file within the file, and then begin downloading. Make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements for downloading OGWhatsApp pro. Certain devices’ AlexMods versions might not work. Some users complain about seeing an error message stating ‘App isn’t responding’ during the installation process.

How To Download and Install OG WhatsApp

In order to download the mod you will need to follow certain steps as outlined in the following steps:

  1. To begin, you must start the browser and type in OGWhatsApp.
  2. Go to the download page and click”download.
  3. This APK download file is downloaded onto your device.
  4. Navigate to the Android settings, then navigate to the security settings.
  5. Select your “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option.
  6. You must be patient until the installation is complete.
  7. After the installation is complete After that, you can open the application and begin using it.

OGWhatsApp Features


When you enable this feature, you will be able to look up deleted messages and the statuses of your buddies easily. You’ll be able to find out the messages that other users deleted, and be able to find out the actions they’re taking.

More than 90 photos

Another amazing characteristic with this app is it has the ability to share up to 90 photos simultaneously. This was impossible with Official Whatsapp. This is a highly advantageous option of OGWhatsapp.

Built-in Message Scheduler

This feature is now available to the latest version of OGWhatsApp and users have a blast using this feature.The built-in message scheduling feature is particularly useful for users who want to send messages at a particular date but cannot connect to the internet at the time. To address this problem developers have included a built-in message scheduler that lets users send messages later in time.

Stop a specific contact’s phone call:

When you enable this feature, you can limit a particular contact’s calls. Sometimes we’re frustrated by the constant calls of our contacts or those we don’t want calls from. OGWhatsApp offers you the option to block certain contacts’ calls which means you will not receive your calls later on. This can save your time from the constant call dropping because it permits you to immediately stop the contact, so you might not get calls in the near future.


In the past, there was a minimum number of characters you could use for status updates. This has been increased to over 200 characters. With OG WhatsApp update you can record the status update that is over 200 words and then upload the text to your table. It’s got such appealing features that it will save you from numerous status updates that use less characters to communicate your message. This is among the most useful features that can be requested, and it is accessible in OGWhatsApp however it is not accessible on The Simple WhatsApp application.

Anti ban:

With this mod, you will be able to avoid being banned. This feature makes the application 100% safe and secure for use.

Colorful themes

There are more than 1000 themes. You can pick any theme you like as your screen for chat.

Calling numbers that are not saved Send an email or call to anyone, without including their phone number in your list of contacts

Password Secured:

This is an excellent feature that allows you to create an individual password for a chat. This feature is not present in the first version of WhatsApp.. This feature will save you time.

Inbuilt WhatsApp Locker This feature offers you the benefit of being able to protect your entire app using a built-in WhatsApp locker.

Dual Accounts:

A lot of users are restricted from using dual accounts on two phones. Two accounts can be operated with this method. This allows you to switch between accounts seamlessly and also keeps all your settings all in one spot.

This feature is prebuilt and built to schedule messages. The major benefit to this option is it allows you to send a message to someone at the right time or say hello at a particular moment by activating this feature.

Increased Characters for Written Status By using this modification, we can make long articulations, or form status that can be up at 250-250 words.

Utilize OGWhatsapp as a second account:

Log into your primary account that you use for your business or important work. An open secondary account with OGWhatsApp is brand new and you can use it for casual chat as well as for your personal use. Primary accounts hold a large amount of vital information and credentials that shouldn’t be to the wrong person if any cyber threat occurs to be present.

Don’t overuse any feature Although OGWhatsapp is different from its predecessor WhatsApp every activity you engage in within the app are processed by their servers. The WhatsApp administrators are always keeping an eye on any illegal activity and could ban any activity that is violating their terms and conditions and privacy policies. We recommend not to use too much of the features and to try to maintain a certain limit.

ogwhatsapp mod apk

Is OGWhatsApp secure?

OGWhatsApp is completely reliable and secure. As of now, there are no reports of malware-related issues with this mod. You must not root your device.




Check our website frequently for the most recent update for OG WhatsApp. If you’re using an older version of the mod, ensure that you are using an up-to-date version that is compatible with OG WhatsApp.

OG WhatsApp apk is simply a modified version of the original WhatsApp that was created by an outside developer.

If you want to download the mod simply click the download button located on the page that reads, “Download OG WhatsApp.”

The Final Verdict

Today, you are aware of the og whatsApp 2022 APK. It comes with a variety of features that aren’t available with the original version. Additionally, it comes with an anti-ban function that is a great feature for an altered version of og whatsapp. However the use of features not secure in the terms and conditions set by WhatsApp Officials could lead to the removal from the user account. Therefore, make sure you use it in a safe manner. You can also download OG WhatsApp latest version right now on our website for no cost.

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