FM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2022

FMWhatsapp apk has a wide range of options that the standard fouadWhatsApp app doesn’t provide.Whatsapp fm features like privacy, customization security, advanced actions and more are available to provide its users a more enjoyable experience using Whatsapp. fM WhatsApp download apk latest version from the GbkWhats.

There’s a reason we constantly look for MOD APKs instead of the original ones, because the app’s flexibility and experience when using MOD APKs can enhance the overall experience for users. Mod Developers modify existing features of the existing app and attempt to add more features to the application. This is the reason why the majority of users today choose to use Whatsapp Mod APKs.We are also able to provide directly linked whatsapp new version Mod APKs.

What’s FM Whatsapp Apk?

FM Whatsapp new version is an improved and modified edition of Whatsappfouad. Although the original version is free of glitch, it does not have certain features and can be a bit frustrating to use the app. FM Whatsapp update is a version with useful features that aren’t available in the original application. It doesn’t matter if we’re using the original or modified version, we always try to find the most effective application that has the finest features.

There are many Whatsapp MOD APKs that are available online.Some of them are fake or just copies of the original app that does not even include any new features. We took the decision to collect these Whatsapp MODs from various reliable websites and put them readily accessible to you. For this post, we’ve reviewed certain aspects of fouad Whatsapp latest version apk and the direct link to download. Test FMWhatsapp APK latest version and get all those amazing features.fmwhatsapp download 8.35,v.9.0 now from gbkwhats.

fm whatsapp
App NameFM WhatsApp
Total Downloads1,000,000+
Last Updated1Day ago
App VersionLatest
App Size53.4 MB

How do I install fm whatsapp latest version

  1. Make sure you backup your media and messages prior to uninstalling WhatsApp’s official version.
    • Open WhatsApp and tap on the Menu
    • Click on Settings
    • Tap to chat
    • Click on Chat Backup
    • Click the Backup button, and this will be saved to the cloud storage
  2. You can enable “Unknown Sources” when you are asked to do so prior to installing the application. Here are the steps to enable this feature on your smartphone:
    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on Security
    • Enable “Unknown Sources”
  3. Be sure to check your downloads and file manager to see where you can find the APK file is probably found
  4. Simply click on the APK file.
  5. Select”Install” “Install” button.
  6. Installation could take only a few minutes
  7. Click”Open” button start or hit the Done button to close the installation
  8. Start the app that you have installed.
  9. After you launch, click “Agree and Continue”
  10. Enter your phone number, then click “Copy WhatsApp Data”
  11. If you’ve followed the steps above and you’ve succeeded in backing the account. 

The features of Fm Whatsapp Apk

Freeze your last seen

You don’t wish anyone to guide you through the app’s messaging features The original version allows you to cover your last-viewed message. But, you won’t be able to view other people’s last messages regardless of whether or not they have turned off theirs and you are prevented from checking the activity of their accounts.

With FM WhatsApp update apk you can monitor your friends’ activities but they won’t be able to be able to do the same for you. This feature lets you keep your last-viewed messages from the eyes of others, however you’ll still be able to see the last time your contacts were seen.

Hide view status in FMWhatsApp

Ever thought of following other people’s activities but not be not How about watching your friends’ posts without their knowledge? With FMWhatsApp you can do just this!

Although it may sound scary, we know that you may want to read the stories of someone else you’re ghosting, without anyone noticing. In this regard it is possible to hide the status of your screen using fm whatsApp 2022 feature.

Blue ticks and hide delivered

There are occasions when we’re too distracted to answer our messages, and then accidentally leave our friends unnoticed. Although it’s only a minor error but it causes some problems in relationships and friendships particularly if it happens frequently. Maybe you’re not able to think of the perfect answer but. Whatever the reason, avoiding the blue tick is crucial for these kinds of situations. With fm whatsApp download apk the blue tick will not appear on the friends’ WhatsApp until you’ve responded to them. This means you are able to continue scrolling through your messages and not feel forced to reply immediately.

Hide typing and recording text:

Have you looked at your phone and having no idea of how to respond to the message? The worst part is when you discover that the app for messaging has revealed your contact’s number that you’ve been typing some period of time. With FM WhatsApp apk you can sit back and write your perfect message until you’re prepared to make it public!whatsapp download karna hai.

The mod lets you remove the typing and audio recording indicator so that you do not need to feel forced to think of quick responses.whatsapp dp download.

Contact a number and message it without conserving any contact

Sometimes, we must communicate with numbers in order to complete certain transactions. But, it doesn’t mean you need the number to remain in your phone’s contacts list for ever. With FMWhatsApp You can achieve exactly this!

The feature lets you send messages and not save the phone number. This feature will save you the hassle of having to erase the number after you have sent the one message. This feature is beneficial for people who need to communicate with a lot of people but have no personal connection with one of them like a person who runs the online operations of a business.

Allow forwarded tags to be disabled on messages

In the first app, your contacts are informed if it’s a forwarding message.With FMWhatsApp download you are able to forward exciting and interesting phrases content without getting criticized for being unoriginal. Utilize fm whatsApp download apk to ensure that you’ll continue to be the cool guy who isn’t with your family and friends.

You can choose who to call

Sometimes, receiving calls can be very annoying, particularly in the case of a caller who is relentless in contacting you. With FMWhatsApp you are able to select who you can contact and who you can’t. This is an excellent feature especially for those friends who has a sour phone call, isn’t it?

Status of Anti-Delete and messages:

Another method to track other users’ activities is to check the posts they’ve deleted. FMWhatsApp lets you view the stories and statuses which have already been removed.

This feature isn’t limited to statuses or stories however. If your friend deleted a message as it was not sent to the right person or accidentally posted a embarrassing message it is still visible the message. This feature is helpful to have a laugh with your buddies.


fmwhatsapp lets you choose options such as wallpapers, themes and fonts, as well as changing the interface. With an array of customizable options you can design your messaging application however you like it. What’s the best part about it? It’s free.

For an antivirus-free version FM dp Whatsapp you can download it on our site. The versions tested are to detect malware, as well as the anti-ban. If you’re not certain that your number is removed by WhatsApp its original application, you can test an alternative number or a temporary one to use the capabilities of fmwa.Show your dp whatsapp with your permission.

fm whatsapp
whatsapp fm

The differences between both apk’s

By taking a look at the elements in each FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp One cannot tell the difference between them.

Most of the features available on whatsapp FM are somewhat identical to the features on GB Whatsapp.

Both Applications are extremely popular. They feature amazing features and have achieved an important amount of acculturation compared to Original Whatsapp.

FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp are two different versions of Whatsapp with more fun features and functions.

Each FMWhatsApp as well as GBWhatsApp are fantastic WhatsApp options.

The two Applications are slightly different in their aspects.

GBWhatsApp is more sophisticated and comes with some amazing features. FMWhatsApp is more convenient and secure, and comes with more privacy options than GBWhatsapp.

However, FMWhatsApp is more customizable than whatsapp.whatsapp Gb.

GBWhatsApp appears more like that original WhatsApp application.GBWhatsApp uses the same server as the original application which provides a bit more security.

FMWhatsapp is an altered version of WhatsApp It was created to eliminate any limitations the original app might be subject to.

And, in contrast to GBWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp is the base for a variety of independent and comprehensive features that the majority of users sought but couldn’t locate in the initial version of the app.

Furthermore that the two apps FMwhatsapp and GBWhatsapp aren’t accessible on Play Store Therefore, you must use APK websites to download them.

FMWhatsapp is more flexible

But in terms of personalization of interfaces, FMWhatsapp massenger is more flexible because it comes with themes stores for customizing of the app, whereas GBWhatsapp isn’t as flexible.

FMWhatsapp is frequently updated, thus increasing the chance of losing data that is not protected While within GBWhatsapp it takes time to finish making changes to the Application.

In terms of theme options, FMWhatsapp v17 is loaded with numerous themes. GBWhatsapp has, however, only a few themes.fouadmods have more.




Both applications, whether it’s the original or the modified version is designed to allow communication with friends and family. Text messages, videos, images and more are possible on both versions. The main difference is the features they offer. FM Whatsapp is a third partner that modifies the WhatsApp. The mod APP offers more features compared to the original version. If you’re just looking for additional features, you can download the most current version FM WhatsApp from our site.

As we’ve previously discussed in this article, FM Whatsapp is the modified version. It includes certain of the most frequently requested features that weren’t available in the first version. Security privacy, security and user-friendly are developed by the developers to improve the user experience than the original version.

FM WhatsApp as I said is a third-party modified version, and therefore won’t be accessible for download through the Google Play Store. The only reliable source which you can download FM Whatsapp is our site. There are many websites in the marketplace which offer a fake app or an application that may contain spyware or malware, so we at GbkWhats recommend you download the most recent version of FM Whatsapp from the trusted source only.

FMWhatsApp is an updated version of the renowned chatting application, WhatsApp. It has features and options that WhatsApp doesn’t include.


If you’ve been using an application for too long the app can become dull, even if it’s working perfectly. There’s nothing wrong with applying some modifications to your application. So long as you’re cautious about the possibility from being banned by WhatsApp.

If you wish to alter the appearance and feel for your WhatsApp messaging application you can alter the default colors of its theme with the help of FMWhatsApp. you can choose a variety of can also be imported from other sources via XML files. If you’d like to modify the appearance of your phone more, you can alter its colors and fonts.What are your experiences mods?.Do you want to take on mods in order to enjoy your message experience? You can download the APKs right now. Tell me what you like of your app’s new features in the comments box below.

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