Whatsapp Plus Apk Download Latest Version 2022


Whatsapp Plus apk download is the best mod to explore. It’s the most suitable option to use instead of the original Whatsapp 8.60,9.00 apk application. It is a huge hit and is used by millions of people around the world.You are able to download whatsapp plus apk most current version.

You might have noticed in recent updates of gb whatsapp plus latest version that it mostly is focused on the app’s core security and features. There aren’t any new features that have been added into the program. If you’re looking to test those special features, then this article is ideal for you.


I have been using this app for a long time and I am completely happy with it. It is different when using it. You will be able to impress your friends and family members with the amazing things of gb whatsApp Plus.

What is WhatsApp Plus Apk?

WhatsApp Plus can be described as an authorized APK variant of WhatsApp that is almost as well-known as GBWhatsApp. It is used by millions of users who are frustrated by the original app. WhatsApp blue plus helps you customize the otherwise boring WhatsApp offering users the freedom to express themselves using it. It’s targeted at those who use it to let people know that they’re connected to something.


In addition, WhatsApp Plus is an outstanding app for multiple accounts, allowing you to hide the status of your online account and blue ticks to meet your private requirements. It can be used to impress your pals with the many options you can customize including high-quality image downloads, and many more. You can also cover your writing status, particularly in the event that you aren’t sure what to do with the message.

whatsapp plus

Download Whatsapp plus apk:

App NameWhatsApp Plus
RequirementAndroid 5.0+
Last UpdatedToday
App Versionv17.50
App Size40 MB

How do I install WhatsApp Plus?

Furthermore, the latest version is also an application that you can run and download on the Android devices. If you’ve not tried any WhatsApp mod before, I’ll walk you through the steps required to download whatsapp this unique application.

  1. In the first place, you’ll need to enable the third-party installation feature in your Android device, as WhatsApp Plus isn’t a Play Store application.
  2. To accomplish similar things, you’ll must start your Settings app and locate Security options. Then, look to find the Unknown sources installation or the unknown sources within your Security Settings.
  3. Click on Unknown sources to create a pop-up notification. Choose turn on the pop-up alert.
  4. After you have enabled the third-party application installation and then download the most recent WhatsApp Plus APK 2022 from the link above.
  5. When the download is complete Open the system or any third-party file management application to navigate the apk file to the Download folder or one location you download to.
  6. Simply click on the APK file. It will display a pop-up.
  7. In the pop-up click the Install button and then wait for installation to be completed. (Mostly the process of installing is a matter of 1-2 minutes, or less for smartphones with high-end configurations.)
  8. The installation is complete Congratulations! Then, locate WhatsApp Plus in the app menu and then open it.
  9. Forward all necessary permissions required to operate WhatsApp including Storage Call, Camera and Gallery.

You’re now ready to go! Take advantage of the latest version of WhatsApp Plus with all its amazing capabilities, and download the latest themes and personalize the interface. All Controls are available to you! !


Writing status:

If you write a note and the app displays a series of dots to show that you’re typing to another person. By using this feature, it is possible to hide the fact even if you’re not sure which message to respond to. You can write and erase as many replies as you want without revealing that you’ve intended to reply for a lengthy duration.

Status of recording:

Like writing status, you are able to cover up your embarrassingly long thought time while responding to recordings in the studio.

Hide your online status:

If you’d like to simply stalk people or just browse WhatsApp with no one noticing your online activity, this feature is for you! A feature that is common to all WhatsApp applications is the ability to hide your online presence, in case for times when you don’t wish to chat with strangers.

Block blue ticks:

In blue whatsapp plus users receive various levels of ticks. One tick-tock after your message has been sent double ticks when your message is received plus double blue ticks once they are viewed. By using this feature, you are able to conceal the fact that you have been able to see the message of another user. It can be very useful for the purpose of spooking others.

The Sticker Packs are a great way to purchase cool stickers that let you to fly directly to your friends via the website. Keep your eyes on the latest stickers to ensure you always have the most current cool wallpapers. You can also create individual sticker sets in case you do not find the one you like and all you have get is the author of the sticker from the website.


Since the storage capacity of smartphones isn’t infinite and you’ll need an option to delete old messages and other useless documents that occupy space. This cleaner will ensure that you don’t need to manually delete messages since the cleaner will do it automatically.


Of course the customization process won’t be complete without wallpapers. On our website you can find every wallpaper you would like.


Auto-reply is an auto-reply feature available within the whatsapp Business app, however it cannot be found within the regular WhatsApp app. This is the reason why whatsapp Plus comes in. The latest version of WhatsApp Plus gives users the option of setting auto-replies when you’re tired to type on your own.


A unique feature that is not available in WhatsApp APKs is themes. Themes let you modify the appearance of your WhatsApp interface to fit your personal preferences. There are many themes that were created by fellow users, and then you can create your own.


You don’t only choose wallpapers or ideas however, you can also edit headliners, the chat window along with the primary cover according to your needs. Beyond the chat you can customize the notifications messages, and widgets.


One of the weaknesses of the initial WhatsApp app is its sharing option. You can share only small videos as well as tiny megabytes of audio or video. And, if the image is downloaded you won’t receive the original quality. Simply go to WhatsApp Plus, allowing you to share videos with more than 30 seconds and support up to 7 minutes of video. You can share up to 50 MB of movies and 100 MB audios. Best of all, preserve the originality of the images.


If you’re looking for more privacy, then you’d need to protect your WhatsApp you use, right? But you’re not able to do that since WhatsApp does not have this feature However, WhatsApp Plus offers it. There is no need for any third-party software to access it, since WhatsApp Plus offers you more security than the original one, which requires the use of a password prior to being able to access the app.

Style and Fonts:

This Whatsapp Mod holds a variety of fonts with stunning sizes, styles, and shapes. I’m sure you’ll be awed to use these. Are you sick of the old, boring fonts on WhatsApp? Hold on to your horses, because WhatsApp Plus offers fonts of every type. Are you looking to display your quirkiness and laziness by using fonts? Go and use Comics Sans. Are you looking to appear cute? There’s an adolescent or writing style font in someplace. This makes it ideal for personalizing your style by using fonts.

Recordings and history If you’re a diligent person who likes to record your actions This feature is the perfect choice. It allows you to track your history and chart because the feature tracks your actions including when you expand and close the application.

Disadvantages of Plus mod

We are aware, Whatsapp Plus has lots of wonderful features. If you’ve ever tried it before, be in over it. However, those days are long gone when people could make use of it with no hesitation. You might be wondering about the mystery. Let me explain. Whatsapp Plus was always free to use and users used it without worry of being banned. However, the main disadvantage to the use of Whatsapp Plus is a ban.

It is possible to lose your account If you are using Whatsapp Plus, so why do users use it, you ask? Also, let me inform you that you aren’t allowed not to utilize your original phone number when using Whatsapp Plus, or make use of a temporary number and a number that will not cause you any problems in its suspension. For more details, please go through the guidelines for safe use of WA+.


  • Customization options are limited.
  • There is no option to install other themes.
  • No support for multiple accounts.
  • There is no way to delete messages
Whatsapp Plus
  • You can alter the colors of WhatsApp’s themes, fonts, and colors of WhatsApp
  • You can deactivate calls to voice and block your profile photo
  • Multiple account support for as many as 4 accounts
  • It is possible to undelete messages previously sent
whatsapp plus

Is this safe to use?

WhatsApp Plus 2022 can be described as the most secure version of WhatsApp So you don’t have to worry about security concerns when using this amazing application. Privacy and security is our top priority This is the reason we’ve spent more than half our time to test the app on various Android devices. The results are amazing This mod works with almost all Android devices, and it is free from bugs.

This is the perfect chance for all the imaginative users who have been bored of this same WhatsApp interface for years. Take advantage of it! !




The themes are available for download directly through The WhatsApp Plus theme store or browse the internet for themes.

In the latest updates,if you’ve been banned, remove the WhatsApp version and then install it once more.

Yes, you are able to password-protect every chat you use or the entire WhatsApp Plus application.

WhatsApp Plus is an APK file designed to work with Android 4.4plus devices.

Each modified application is equipped with a variety of scripts to enhance capabilities. Similar to WhatsApp which comes with a variety of MODS and scripts, which allows for customization and the addition of additional features. This is an anti-ban program, however, to ensure your security you need access to an unofficial or demo account.


WhatsApp Plus is a great method to keep in touch with those you cherish. You can exchange and get messages frequently as you want regardless of the location you’re in. This feature makes it simple to schedule messages for auto-reply. First, download the most recent version on the official site. You’ll then need it to be installed on your smartphone. After installation, you’ll have to enable the feature within the settings of your phone to begin.

You now know the most effective WhatsApp APKs and the best way to download and install it. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the new features to the fullest, particularly the customized part.

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